• Contains QuikCycl (60ml) MicroBacterStart XLM (125ml) and MicroBacter Clean (500ml) for any beginner or expert hobbyist to start a new aquarium set-up; treats a 100-gal tank for up to 7 weeks
  • QuikCycl gives professional nutrients to your aquarium for fishless cycling
  • MicroBacterStart XLM is a professional strength live tank starter nitrifying bioculture for rapidly cycling new marine aquariums set-ups in 5-7 days
  • MicroBacter Clean designed to target and clean surfaces of live rock coral decorations and tank walls
  • Made in the USA

MicroBacter Dry Rock Bacteria Starter Kit

SKU: 810086019571
  • This kit contains Quikcycl, MicroBacter Start XLM, and MicroBacter Clean. Please use in that order, and read each label.


    This kit contains live bacteria. Do not use other bacteria simultaneously. It is recommended that you do not use live sand or dry artificial rock that has been seeded with bacteria. There are no dry bacteria that are beneficial to cycling and they will interfere with the bacteria in this kit. This kit is primarily designed to be used with dry aragonite, artificial unseeded live rock, or Marco rock. Plain sand will work better than “live sand ” (which may have been seeded with species not conducive to cycling). Real live rock from the ocean or already cycled live rocks from a store or another aquarium are OK to use. These should assist the cycle. Use a dechlorinator like Brightwell Erase-Cl before adding animals. Do not attempt cycling without test kits. Do not introduce any live animals until cycling is complete.

  • Please follow the directions on each product label inside this starter kit.