• Concentrated transportation aid for freshwater fishes

  • Reduces fish stress levels in hauling and transportation tanks
  • Reduces water foaming levels
  • Made in the United States


SKU: 810086017058
  • Guidelines: This product is a concentrate. Must be mixed with non-iodized salt (NaCl) prior to use. FisHaul-C Concentrate should be mixed at a ratio of 1.12 g to 10.17 g non-iodized salt for each US-gallon of net tank volume. This equates to ~4 teaspoons FisHaul-C Concentrate to 1 cup non-iodized salt per 25 US-gallons (94.6 L), or ~16 teaspoons FisHaul-C Concentrate to 4 cups of non-iodized salt per 100 US-gallons (378.5 L). 2.5 kg of FisHaul-C Concentrate will mix with 50lbs. of non-iodized salt to treat 2,230 US-gallons (8,440.6 L). Used as directed, safe for use with all freshwater fish.


    Mixing Instructions: 

    1. Determine net tank volume and fill with water as required

    2. Add the appropriate mass of non-iodized salt and mix sufficiently to dissolve in entirety

    3. Add the appropriate mass of FisHaul-C Concentrate and mix sufficiently to dissolve in entirety

    4. Once all solutes are completely mixed and dissolved, and any other aspects of water chemistry and water temperature have been properly adjusted for the species being transported, fish may be added per good husbandry practices.

    Water should be well-aerated during fish transporation, and water quality monitored and adjusted as necessary. Though longer residence times are possible, best results are obtained when fish are limited to 24-hours of continuous exposure to the full-strength solution. Ensure that FisHaul-C Concentrate container is kept sealed when not in use to prevent hardening, which may negatively impact product performance. 

    Caution: Use in accordance with all federal regulations. For use by professional aquaculturists and researchers only. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid eye contact and inhalation; may cause skin and eye irritation. If in eyes, flush with water for 15 minutes. If inhaled, remove victim to fresh air and obtain medical attention. If on skin, flush with water. Consult MSDS for complete information.